Welcome to Gren

Hi! We are Godfrey Foo and Rachel Lin, two individuals behind the company GREN. We arrived in Sydney 20 years ago as a young couple looking forward to start our family. Before moving to Sydney, Godfrey was a purchasing supervisor in a multinational company in Singapore and Rachel worked in the family import & export business in Taiwan. Both of us have knowledge and experiences in product sourcing and costing, international trading, and import & export operation. We worked in the hospitality industry for the first few years until we decided /had the courage 🙂 to start our own business.

The name of our company – GREN is the combination of initials of our young family members. With the help of friends, we navigated into the commercial refrigeration industry and established a wholesale network in Australia and New Zealand. GREN grew into a small team of 5 people, with a turnover of millions. However, when the business was doing well, our family was falling apart. We didn’t have enough time and energy for our young kids. We were always preoccupied and cranky. 

It was only after a death in the family, we decided to change the business model and started to look for new ideas and business opportunities. In 2012, a joint venture with TONON Italy was formed in Singapore. The quality of TONON products are impressive. It is also extremely fascinating to know that that the family business has been operating for 3 generations! In order to properly market the TONON brand and products, we spent a lot of time in the Asia Pacific region and formed alliances with many quality suppliers and distributors. Nowadays our team members and associates are based in different parts of the world, they are proficient in communicating in different languages and cultures.

In 2018, GREN took over the role as the representative for TONON in Australia. In addition to this, we are constantly being approached by other quality brands looking to sell into Australia, or Australian brands looking to sell to Asia. With the supports of these people, we intend to remodel GREN as a platform where people can easily access to quality products and quality buyers. We haven’t really quite figured out how this can be done, but we are working toward that direction.