TONON Compactus System

Many people asked us why does TONON compactus system sometimes cost more than other major brands. We would like to use this article to explain the differences between TONON and other brands and the options to bring the cost down 🙂

There are 3 major component for TONON compactus system (sometimes it is called mobile or high density units).

  1. Shelves
    • A static shelf on each end
    • Mobile shelves (Static shelves with bottom and/or top rollers)
  2. Aluminum Bottom Rails 
  3. Aluminum Top Rails

TONON is the only brand in Australia that offers the option of top rails. Since top rails are offered as an option, you can always choose to exclude top rails when the budget is restricted. The top rails can always be added later easily when required. 

TONON Top Rails would secure the whole system as they connects the end shelves and form a stable framework. They also act as tracks for the top rollers on mobile shelves. The mobile shelves will not topple or become wobbly during transition. This is extremely important for creating a safe work place.