Professional Slip-Resistant Shoes

After working in the Japanese market for over 20 years, the AHbuffett team decided to create their own brand of slip-resistant work shoes that abide the Japanese standards but with an affordable price tag. Their shoes are tested in a laboratory for slip-resistance and anti-bacteria surface. They are also ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort after standing for long periods.   



  • The rubber outer sole is designed to ensure better grip and better slip resistant. 
  • Slip resistant patent verification no.: Japan 1485655, Taiwan D154334, China ZL201320019381.9
  • Slip resistant verification processing in America and European Union

Oil & Water Proof


  • The upper body is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) which is easy to clean and oil/water proof 

Soft & Comfy


  • The insole is made of Ethlene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) plus mesh which is soft on your foot
  • We recommend you to wear a pair of breathable socks to reduce sweat stains and damages to the insole

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