Food Safe . Made in Italy


TONON Modular Shelving is a world class storage solution from Italy. Having been installed in many prestigious organizations, our shelvings are praised for their durability and ease to install. The frames are made of 20 micron anodised aluminium, they are heavy duty and they never rust. The clip-on shelving slabs are made of HD polyethylene, they can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +90°C. The shelving slabs are dishwashable  and easy to clean. The maximum loading weight is 110-250 kg per shelf. 
We can custom design each room to optimise the storage capacity. If hygiene and cleanliness is a must in your operation, TONON shelvings are the best option. TONON Modular Shelving is used in commercial settings such as: cold room, freezer room and dry storage. Our customers include restaurants, hotels, food production factories, supermarkets, and butcheries.
TONON Compactus System is an advanced storage system to maximise the space usage. Using TONON Modular Shelvings as the base component, we then add Top and/or Bottom Rollers and Tracks to turn a Modular Shelving into a mobile unit!
TONON Compactus System is an ideal solution when the storage space can no longer cope with a growing business. Instead of moving to larger premises, the Compactus System can increase the storage area by more than 60%. 
TONON Meat Rail System is a state of art railing system for butcheries. We tailor make every system to suit their unique settings. TONON has been building Meat Rail Systems for butchery industries in the last 4 decades. We have all the accessories to help transport and process the beasts: from meat trolleys, scale, and the railing system. There is a solution for every need. 
Gren is the proud exclusive importer and stock holder for all TONON products. Our warehouse is located in Newington NSW 2127. Please contact us to find out what’s available. 

Aluminium Frames

The frames are made of 20 micron anodised aluminium. They are rust free and do not frost in cold or freezer rooms.                                                                                        


HDPE Shelf

High Density Polyethylene clip-on slabs that can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +90°C. The surface is slip-resistant and has gaps to improve air flow.